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  If you are away or for any reason, you are not able to monitor your property yourself, always in consultation with you and according to your needs, we can take care of its maintenance and bill payments, so that you find it in the best possible condition when you return.  

• Property Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs 
Regular inspections throughout the year, to ensure proper condition of your property. In case your property requires maintenance or repairs, we have the right partners to undertake the repair work.

• Utility bills payment 
Monitoring & payment of electricity, water, telephone and internet bills.



If you simply want to make a profit instead of expenses, from a property you are not using, you can leave the management to us. Elegant Homes offers two short-term rental services to choose from: 

A)  Elegant Homes handles 
MED-TERM or SHORT-TERM rentals for you:

• Maintenance & repairs 
We can advise you about, or handle, all the necessary maintenance & repair works, to make your property more suitable for short term rental.   

• Professional photos and videos 
Cooperation with professional photographers for the promotion of your property with photos and videos.    

• Reception and support of tenants 
We welcome the guests and we meet all the needs and requirements of the guests throughout their stay.    

• Guests departure and property inspection 
Inspection of the property upon guests’ departure.    

• Cleaning services & property maintenance, throughout the stay 
Cleaning of the property before guests’ arrival and after their departure. We stay in touch with the guests throughout their stay for possible minor fixes, for example light bulb change, air conditioning adjustment etc.   

B) Rent your property to Elegant Homes!   

In case that you rent your property to us, in order to rent it short-term to third parties, we take the full responsibility for the entire management, finding & welcoming tenants, cleaning services, inspection and maintenance of the property while you get a stable monthly income. 

On agreement and if it feels necessary, we can arrange the property renovation, from the purchase & installation of household appliances to furnishing, as well as construction work if needed. 

So, when the rental contract ends, you'll receive a great, well-maintained, new home.  


For any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us:

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